School Memories

August Memories

In the month of August I met two teachers. There name’s were Mrs.Gambino and Mrs. Molkness
I was so happy when I found out my friend Tessa was in my class .then we started to unpack our school supplies .when we started school we only had half a day at school.It was fun.

September Memories

In September we started the novel Shiloh it was a great novel about a dog .We also did a project day in social studies it was very fun and exciting. In P.E we played flag football. The teams were girls vs girls and boys vs boys. Evan though the teacher only let the girls be QB once I still had a lot of fun.

October Memories

In October we played with meal worms in science it was fun. My meal worm was named Stunts. Then on our Halloween party we played some games. My favorite was bingo. When we got back we were all tired because of Halloween.

November Memories
In November we started the second trimester.We also played basket ball in gym . In math we started captin zero.At the end of November we did a exparment in science with a penny.
we had a half day on Tuesday.

December Memories
In december we had project day in social studies.We all brought food from diffrent countrys.In music we were working on are Christmas play.After the play every one said we did great.When we had are christmas party we ate pancakes and we played a game with tights.

January Memories
In January we had Catholic schools week . On Monday it was pajama day we all wore are pajamas.On Tuesday it was game dayinthe afternoon we played our games.Then on Wednsday and Thursday were snow days! then on Friday we had the talent show.We are also working on our social studies project day.

February Memories
In February we started world spelling and world math days an epals in computer .In social studies we are writing are famous person report for project day .In language arts we started Tales of a Fouth Grader Nothing by Judey Blume.It was a good story .

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories