00447363.jpgSchool Memories

August Memories

In August, I got new desks. I meet my new teachers and friends. My teachers’ names are Mrs. Gambino and Mrs.Molkeness. My sister , Anna, finally gets to be in 2nd grade and I finally get to be in 4th. I am happy about 4th grade!!!

September Memories

00432645.pngIn September, I started making new friends like Jason Byrne. I started meeting new kids in my class. I also started the monster project. We also started real classes. I had a great month

October Memories

In October, Halloween was coming fast. At school, my class and I started talking about our classes’ Halloween party. Finally, my class and I got out of school for Halloween! Then, my cousins, friends, and I went trick –or-treating. That was a great Halloween.

November Memories

00439780.pngIn November, Thanksgiving was coming! My best part was the bread.We also had turkey,mashed potatoes,corn,cranberries,and pumpkin pie.It was awesome! I can't wait til December!

December Memories
00447363.jpgIn December,was here.My class was going to have a Christmas party and Jason's mom was the room mom.When Christmas was here I was excited.In school,we learned division.December was awesome!!!!!

January Memories
In January,we had a verbs 1 test.Also in January,we had new student teachers they were very kind.Our student teachers names were Mr.Countryman and Mrs.Patterson.We also started to read a book called Shiloh.Last we had a NAEP test and a Martin Luther King Jr field trip.

February Memories

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories