School Memories

August Memories


August was the time we went back to school. We met our teachers. I couldn’t wait till the end of the day because I was going to Michigan. p.s. I go their every week. When I got to school, I had a lot of kids in my class. In fact I have 29 people in my class. I think this year is going to be a good year!! An the best year ever!

September Memories

Wow! I never knew that September went by so fast!
For September, we had project day. Project day was the best thing in September. In September, we went to Octoberfast. Octoberfast was a run around the school. In the 5k a person died. And that was September.

October Memories


October was mealworm week. I named my mealworm Waffle. We were doing mealworms for a science experiment. We had to make lab sheets. I brought a maze for my mealworm. This is why my October was fun.

November Memories

November was so fun! First of all we did another project day. That was fun! Also november is thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie yum! I hope this school year I will get strait A. I think I am going to have a fun year! WOW!

December Memories

December was fun! Project day,Christmas show, birth of Jesus! FUN! I couldn't wait till Christmas break. I coudn't wait to come back to school!

January Memories
In January, we had many,many tests. We had the verbs 1 test. At the end of January we got student teacher helpers from St. Frances. We also had a big test for NAEP. In P.E. we started volley ball. At the very end of Januray, we saw a MLKJ play.

February Memories
In the begging of january, it was groundhog day. we did 2 science experiments. We also started epals. On the 25th was the spagetti dinner.we changed jobs and seats.This was my favorite month yet.

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories