August Memories

September Memories

I had multiplication tests in September.
Also in September I got birthday treats from my friends. In Social Studies I had project day. Project day was so much fun. We had to make a poster or a flag .

October Memories

In October I went to a Halloween party. It was so much fun. I got candy and cottoncandy. In reading I read Shiloh after the book we saw the movie. In science we played with mealworms. They were so much fun and wiggly.

November Memories

December Memories
candycane1423 In december I had so much fun!My classmates and I had a christmas party! I loved everything about it. WE had hot choclate and so many good treats! The party was amazing! The games were so cool,funny,and silly!

January Memories

In january i had so much fun! For recess we usally stay inside but today we went outside.In class today I saw some new people their names are Mrs.Patterson and Mr.Countyman.Also in class I got a new seat.I really liked my old seat because I sat by my friend.

February Memories

I love february!!!!!!!! Did you know that februay is Dental Health Month?

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories