School Memories

August Memories

In the month of August I started school. I also saw some old friends! I met my homeroom teacher her name was Mrs. Molsnekess. At first I was kind of nervous but I got used to it. Then I saw Mrs. Gambino on my first full day of school. From then on it was just regular school.


September Memories
In the month of September we did a experiment with meal worms I had a lot of fun. I had to do four experiments with my worm and write down four lab sheets in a week it was hard but it was still fun. I named my worm Bob. I brought him home after the week past it was fun. I wish I had more fun with Bob here. I sure had fun doing this fun project.

October Memories
In the month of October we had our Halloween party it was really fun. We had pizza to eat and fruit punch to drink it was really good. I wish it lasted longer but I still had a blast. we played Halloween bingo and guest candy in a jar and if you got the number right you got the candy

November Mem
In the month of November we did a monster project we had to make a huge monster it looked awesome once it was finished. I got two partners they were Jhonny and J.P they were pretty good partners. We had to do the lips and the hair they both looked cool after they were finished. I had a good month.



December Memories

In the month of December we had a big feast for project day. We had to bring a food from a diffrent country. There was lots of good food. We also did a Christmas program it was fun.Wealso made passports and learned about diffrent countrys. it was really fun I had a great month.

January Memories.
In the month of January we finally got to go outside it felt good to finally get some fresh air. it was fun I hadn't been able to play football in a long time. We also had cathlic schools week it was so fun I wore my dinasour slippers I think that I got a complement from everybody in the class. it was fun. we also had the talent show I wasn't in it but it was awsome i saw a lot of awsome acts i had a good month in January.

February Memories

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories