School Memories

August Memories


Our first experiment in august was a balloon. We filled the balloon with baking soda. Our bottle was filled with vinegar. When when we poured the baking soda in the bottle and the balloon blew up. It was awesome !

September Memories


In the month of September we did multiplication tests. It is very good when you pass.we also did was rounding. I was very good at it.the month of September was very fun.

October Memories


In October we did a Halloween party. It was fun. I won bingo and got cool glasses. I lost on the counts for candy. It was fun.

November Memories

In the MONTh of November we did the life the pilgrims. We do alot of activities. We color. It is fun. Can’t wait till December.

December Memories

In the month of december we had a Christmas party. we played games. we had hot chocolate there! I won alot of candy. It was really fun.

January Memories


In the month of January we got to see a MLK play. We went to the Rialto. We rode on a bus. We saw how he grew up and what his life was. The play was cool.

February Memories

In the month of February we had a talent show. There was lots of cool stuff. There was dancing and singing. There was also jokes! I loved it a lot!

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories