NAEPSchool Memories

August Memories

In the month of August I met new friends. I also saw old friends. We also met new teachers. We also get a lunchroom.
September Memories 00434830.png

In the month of September I started to get used to school. We had our first prodeject day.I saw how to do cologue. It was cool. We had a lot of fun.

October Memories 00436324.png

In the month of October we had our first school party. It was so fun. We started our second prodjectday. We got new tables. My favorite candy is Reeses .

November Memories 00439780.png

In the month of November,we had another prodject day. It was fun. It started getting colder. We had a lot of fun at Thanksgiving. It was a fun month.

December Memories 00447363.jpg

In the month of December, we had the most fun prodject day ever. We had a Christmas program. We got to make passports. We had Christmas partys. I love December.

January Memories

In the month of January,MLK play. We had NAEP testing. We also had Catholic Schools Week.We had verbs test 1. January was a fun month.

February Memories

In the month of February, we had Valentines day. We also had Groundhog Day.I had verbs test 2. We had 4 day weekends.Febrauuary was a fun month.

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories