School Memories

August Memories

00434823.pngIn August I had my first day of fourth grade. I was excited because my best friends were in the same class as me. When I got there I met Mrs.Gambino and I saw my friends. We also got organized for the year.
We got new desks. The whole week was easy all we did was talk about what we are going to do in fourth grade. The next week was harder we started switching classrooms and doing work. August was a fun and a excited month.

September Memories

Fall.jpgIn the month of September at school I did the Octoberfast. We had a burger king hot lunch. There was also a octoberfest for the parents. We did Science experiments. We had project day in social studies for are family flag, seal, song, or motto. Also it was the beginning of fall.
October Memories

00436324.pngIn the month of October we had a lot of fun. we wore are costumes to school. We had a party Halloween. At the party we played fun games and ate yummy treats. We played with mealworms in science. I named mine Amelia. This month was really fun!

November Memories
00432645.pngIn the month of November we stood on the side of the road for a veteran who died. In art we made a all about me sketch book. In social studies we made a pilgrim scrapbook pretending we were a pilgrim or indian.This was a really fun month.

December Memorie
penguinIn the month of December we had a Christmas party. We had a project day where you had to bring in food from a difrent country. We had a Christmas play called The Bethlehem Project. In Science we did a penny experiment. We made an ordament for are parents. We made passports in Social Studies. We had a Advent and Christmas Religion test. This was a very good month.

January Memories

February Memories

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories