School Memories

August Memories

August was the month I started school.
That month I learned some math .It was a short month. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Gambino. It was a good month.

September Memories


In September my class started a monster project. It was my second month of school. My friend Ben and I had the horns. It was a fun month! We got to see different parts of the monster.

October Memories


In October the class did mealworms. You had to do experiments on the worm. My worm’s name is Nacho. Ben and I finished our horns. We finished our monster in October.
November Memories 00180519.jpg
November was a fun month. We had a project day. It was very fun. My family ate turkey. We had a lot of fun.

December Memories
MR900427897.JPG In December we had Chritsmas. We had a Christmas program and a Christmas party. I got a laptop! I had a lot of fun. It was the best month!

January Memories
In January we played volleyball in gym class. We also had verb test 1. My class got a new student teacher, his name is Mr.Countryman. I had some NAEP testing. It was a long but fun month.

February Memories
This month it was busy. Mr.Countryman started teaching. We had the BIG blizzard.School was canceled for a few days.We had our Valentine's party,it was very fun.

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories