School Memories

August Memories

When I first went to go see my teacher I was scared to meet Mrs. Gambino and Mrs. Molskness. When I got to met them I wasn’t that scary. We started on a story Fainle.

September Memories


When it was September I passed the multiplication test I was happy. I got a hotshot with it. I made a familyflag also.

October Memories


I ate candy on Halloween. I took a candy and put it in my lunch. It was good.

November Memories
We did projekt day.watched movie.

December Memories

We did our penny experament. We had a Christmas party. we had a padjent.

January Memories

In january we went on a feild trip to the realto. we also got tested by naep. In p.e we started vollieball.

February Memories

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories