School Memories

August Memories


When I went to the first day of school I was in mrs. Gambino’s room. I thought I would have homework on the first day of school, but I didn’t. I felt happy that I didn’t. the next day I did but it was easy. For the first week It was easy.

September Memories

In the month of September we started homework.
Then we took tests. We took all the tests. Now we started white slips. I am glad I didn’t get a white slip.

October Memories


In October it is Halloween.I get lots of candy.I like candy.My favorite candy is Milkduds.I liked the party I had.

November Memories
In November we did progektday.I liked all of them.We had hard tests of Tanksgiving.The first test was hard.The outher test was easy.

December Memories
In December we had or Christmasparty.We also had Projeectday.We had or play.At the end we got ordaments.Then we left school.

January Memories

In January we had birdhdays. I did not have one. But I like to celebrate.I had alot of fun.

February Memories

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories