School Memorie s

August Memories

In the month of August we started
school and a new life . We have new
teachers and old teachers. We did not have much homework . I wish it
was still August. I miss the month August.

September Memories


In the month of September we started the book Shiloh . And a project about our families . We had lots of work
in September . I’m happy September is
over. I don’t want to have that much work again.

October Memories

In the month of October we played
with meal worms . We made notebooks about them . We did fun things with them . Now I want a new worm.
One could only wish for it to be October.

November Memories

In November we played basket ball. And in math we started captain zero.Captain zero was hard at first
but I got the hang of it.And in science we did an exparement with a penny.I was apcent at the beginning.

December MemoriesHot_chocolate
In December we did tear up cards. And we had a Christmas program it was fun. We also made pretend passports. We also had a feast for Social Studies. We had two Science tests one was for the Diocese.

In January we got two new teachers Mr.Countryman and Mrs.Patterson.We started a novel called Tales Of A Fourth Grade nothing.They both started Math and Spelling.We played a math game with Mrs.Patterson.We also had a whole week of inside recess.

February Memories

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories