School Memories

August Memories

In August , I found a new backpack . I was worried I didn’t know who was in my class. I loved the science experiment.
I found out my teachers name. We did a lot of cool things in August.

September Memories

In September, we did our first Project day. We did it in social studies. I was excited!! We also did our first science experiment! My social studies project was the biggest in the class

October Memories


In October, we did mealworms. I t was fun! I named my worm Tyler. We did four experiments. In October we had our Halloween party.
November Memories

In November, we had our second project day. Personally, I think I did great! We had a lot of homework.I love christmas.
Thanksgiving was great.

December Memories
In December,we had our Christmas parties. It was fun. We had our Christmas program. It was long. We even had our best Project Day ever!

January Memories


In January,we had are MLK day. We even went to an MLK play.We even had NEAP testing.We also had Catholic schools week! Jan. was a fun month!===

February Memories
In Febuary, we had our valentines party.It was fun. We had a 4 day weekend. We had 2 snowdays.Febuary was a fun month!

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories