School Memories

August Memories

August I started school!
I met a lot of new friends. Mrs. Gambino was my Home room teacher. We got new seats. Ate in the commens.

September Memories

I started homework no! We changed seats I was in the back row. Science project we did.I sat next to Molly and Mason.I sit in the front.

October Memories

In October we had a Halloween Party. I did not go trick-o-treating.I got no candy.Then we change sets.I love where I sit.

November Memories


We did a thanks Giving project. I did relly good on it.We had a test.We had a thanksgiving Feast.Kids brought everything.

December Memories

In December we did a Christmas party. The whole class did a Science Diocese test. We started Division.In S.S. we did passport.I made a tear up card.

January Memories

In January we did NAEP TESTING. MR.Countryman is a

February Memories

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories