School Memories

August Memories
In the month of August, we have started school,have got new teachers and had lots of fun all ready too we are with each other once again.
We had worksheets tests, recess and lunch.
But most of is that school has started.

September Memories

In the month of September we had tests, worksheets, and projects.
In science we had mealworms, we did projects with our mealworms, and we had to write 4 lab sheets in 4 days!

October Memories

In the month of October it was very fun. We worked, and
we laughed. WE had turkey and other stuff too. It was
my birthday too.

November Memories

In the month of November it was Thanksgiving. We ate turkey and other stuff too. It was very fun.

December Memories


In the month of December it was very fun. We had Christmas parties and lots of fun. It was very fun.

January Memories
In the month of January we had lots of fun.We had two snow days. We also did NEAP test and there was Catholic Schools Week.It was very fun.

February Memories
In the month of February it was very busy. We did alot of tests and worksheets. We also had a Valentine's Day party too.
March Memories

April Memories

May Memories