School Memories

August Memories


In the month of August,school started.
I was nervous, we had to do much more things.Like we swiched classes.I was scared but I just relaxed and it was fun.We did Math, Religion, S.S ,and Sience.Sience is my favorite,
Because I get A+’s.

September Memories


In the month of September,we did project day.Project day is a day when we all do a project.Then we show them to the class.It is realy fun. We also did meal worms. Meal worms are not slippery.

October Memories


In the month of October, we had a HALLOWEEN
PARTY!!!The party was fun.
We played lots of fun games.There is so many I cant even name them all.There was also cool costumes I was a MONSTER BRIDE.

November Memories


In the month of November we learnd about pilgrims. There is so much to learn about pilgrims.We also laernd about the first Thanksgiving. We also laernd about the trip. It was realy fun to learn about all of this.We all are haveing so much fun.

December Memories
snowflake In the month of December we had a christmas party.It was was fun.We played games.We got candycanes.We played bingo.

January Memories00341324.jpg

IN the month of january we did a lot of fun things.We got new teachers that help.We are read a new book. It is very good.It is very good.

February Memorie00382578.jpg

In the month of February we did a lot of things.We had a Party. We played lots of games.We did new things in school. I learnd a lot.

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories