August Memories

In August I started school there where new kids there names are Jason and Karina they are both nice. I also have new teachers there names are Mrs.Gambino and Mrs.Molksness they are both very nice. I am in 4th grade now and my brother is in 8th

September Memories

In September for school I ran a race it is called Oktoberfast.It was very fun my parents went to the Oktoberfeast you can won lots of things and goodies

October Memories

In October we did mealworms. We also had Halloween. It was also my birthday we had my party on holloween I got LOTS of candy!

November Memories

In November my class did a pilgrim project day it was very fun! I also had thanks giving with my family at my aunt cindys house I had a great time. I love my family.


December Memories

In December at school we had our Christmas play I had a very fun time. We also made tear it up cards for our parents and ornaments. In socoial studies my class made passports, we learned divison in math, science test on matter and diocese. in religion we had a test on advent and christmas.last but not least my class had our christmas partyit was so much fun i want to do it again.

January Memories
In January my class changed seats. and changed jobs. and also in gym we played vollyball it is so much fun! we had a test on Christmas l got a very good grade i love the month of January!!

February Memories
love month! february is a very fun month. We had our valintines party but I was absent for it. we changed seats and jobs!

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories