School Memories

August Memories


In the month of August, we went back to school. I was excited to go back and see all my friends. My new teacher was Mrs. Gambino. We are now upstairs. I am
very excited to be in 4th grade

September Memories


In the month of September, we had our first hot lunch. It was called Octoberfeast. The hot lunch was burger king. They came to our school and cooked the food there!
The food was very good.

October Memories


In the month of October, we did a mealworm project. The project lasted for a whole week. On that Monday we met our worms. Tuesday thru Friday, we experimented. At the end of Friday’s class, I gave our worms away. I was sad to see my worm go.

November Memories


In the month of November,we made a all about me sketchbook.It's filled with drawings that we made.It has a self portrait and friends and all that good stuff.It's really cool. That was my favorite thing I did in November.

December Memories

In the month of December,we had another project day.We brought in a hoilday food from a different country.I brought in pizzles.They are a cookie from Italy.It was a very good feast for everybody.

January Memories
 In the of month January,we started reserach for project day.We have to be a famous person.We do reserash about our person. Then we get to dress up as our person. This is going to be the best project day ever!

February Memories

March Memories

April Memories

May Memories