School Memories

August Memories


When I came back to school in August, I was very excited to be in 4th grade and have class upstairs! Going upstairs is very different. I am very happy about hot shots but, scared about white slips. Mrs.

Molskness is my 4th grade teacher. I’m liking 4th grade so far. I hope I have fun in all of my classes in school this year.

September Memories


Today is September 14th, 2010 and it’s callis birthday! WE had our first birthday treats too. My project for project day is almost finished and I’m doing all the coloring. I’m having a lot of fun with this project!

October Memories

Halloween is coming up and I am very excited about it, but I am a little scared. I have my costume and pumpkin bucket ready to go Trick- or-Treating on Halloween night! I hope everyone has a spooky Halloween this year. I also hope I get lots of candy. I need to carve my pumpkins still, but I know what the pumpkin’s face will look like.

Happy Halloween!

November Memories

.In november we are making another project.This project will take longer.We are making a book about a pilgrim.We are all looking forward to thanksgiving.That was my november

December Memories
MR900444926.JPGIn December we had a christmas party.We played games like stuff your reindeers antlers,and bingo.Also we had pancakes,cupcakes, and hot chocolate.It tasted great.That was myDecember.
January Memories
This january was fun.It was fun because of chatholic schools week!We dressed in our pjs,we had the book fair. Because of the big blizzard we had 2 days off of school.That was my january.
February Memories
This feburary was fantastic!We had a talent show and I think the best act was when my friend was doing her act.
we also had a valintines dat party.All of are class made icecream sundaes.After that we had a whip cream eating contest.My table won first place!We won a monster finger puppet.I got a yellow monster puppet.That was my feburary.

March Memories
My March was very green! We all dressed down in green. Erin had St. Patricks day glasses and stickers.For project day we dressed up as a famous person. I dressed up as Susan B. Anthony. Austin dressed up as Albert Einstein. That was my March.

April Memories

May Memories